EPCO Elevator Products Corporation

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Convenient.  Reliable.  Unique.

Established in 1955, Elevator Products Corporation (EPCO) offers the finest quality in custom elevator fixtures, emergency lighting and accessories.

Browse EPCO’s wide selection of ADA-compliant Fixtures such as Car Operating Panels, Car/Hall Direction Lanterns, Destination Dispatch Indicators, Hall Stations, Lobby Panels, Position Indicators, Residential fixtures, Swing Front Returns and other signal fixtures.

Explore our online Parts Shop and Buttons directory, which makes purchasing elevator accessories (including key switches, Braille, fans, emergency lights and lenses) convenient whenever, wherever at your fingertips.

Our technical support page answers the most frequently asked questions about our products and provides wiring diagrams for quick reference.

There is something for everyone at EPCO, whether you are an architect, elevator consultant or elevator company.  Our elevator fixtures are convenient to order, reliable on performance and services, and unique in design to meet your needs and specification requirements.