EPCO Locks for Toggle & Micro


These flat head cylinders are removable in all positions. These Key Switches are only to be use with toggle switches and Micros. These Key switches are not assembled parts. These Key switches are sold with out HALOS and brackets. Toggle and Micros sold separately.

The dropdown has the following information in this order: key position, key pulling, key number, finish, angle, part #, price.


These Key switches are sold with out HALOS and brackets.
Any Keyswitch configuration not listed. Please contact EPCO Sales.

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Product Description

EPCO Locks for Toggle & Micro


Additional Information

Weight 0.15 lbs
EPCO Locks Toggle & Micro

BFD1_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P78_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, CLC332_ St.Stl._ 90degR??__10K61P80_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO11_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P06_Micro & Toggle_$30.66, EPCO12_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P08_Micro & Toggle_$30.66, EPCO13_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P10_Micro & Toggle_$30.66, EPCO14_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P12_Micro & Toggle_$30.66, EPCO15_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P14_Micro & Toggle_$30.66, EPCO16_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P16_Micro & Toggle_$30.66, EPCO17_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P18_Micro & Toggle_$30.66, EPCO18_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P20_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO19_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P22_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO1_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P02_Micro & Toggle_$30.66, EPCO20_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P24_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO21_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P26_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO22_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P28_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO23_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P30_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO24_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P32_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO25_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P34_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO26_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P36_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO27_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P38_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO28_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P40_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO29_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P42_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO2_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P04_Micro & Toggle_$30.66, EPCO30_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P44_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO31_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P46_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO32_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P48_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO33_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P50_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO34_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P52_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO35_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P54_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO36_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P56_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO37_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P58_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO38_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P60_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO39_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P62_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO40_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P64_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO41_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P66_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO42_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P68_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO43_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P70_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO44_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P72_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, EPCO45_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P74_Micro & Toggle_$21.9, MFD1_ St.Stl._ 90degR__10K61P76_Micro & Toggle_$21.9