Fire Keyswitches – Alt./ Floor Lockout/ Test/ Normal – Inspection/ Run – Stop/ Multifunction


Keyswitches with wire leads. These Keyswitches are not assembled parts. All Keyswitches listed here are sold with out HALOS and brackets. Two (2) keys provided for each keyswitch. Medeco Keyswitches do not include individual keys.

The dropdown has the following information in this order: key position, key pulling, key number, finish, angle, part #, price.


These Key switches are sold with out HALOS and brackets.
Any Keyswitch configuration not listed. Please contact EPCO Sales.

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Product Description

Fire Keyswitches – Alt./ Floor Lockout/ Test/ Normal – Inspection/ Run – Stop/ Multifunction


Additional Information

Weight 0.15 lbs
Fire Keyswitches Alt

2POS, 1KP, EPCO1, St.Stl., 45degR, Maintained, 20K12P01, $48.18, 2POS, 1KP, EPCO1, St.Stl., 45degR, Momentary, 20K13P01, $48.18, 2POS, 1KP, EPCO2, St.Stl., 45degR, Momentary, 20K13P02, $48.18, 2POS, 1KP, J200, St.Stl., 90degR, Momentary, 20K09P01, $37.96, 2POS, 2KP, AZFS, St.Stl., 90degR, Maintained, 10K32P084, $80.3, 2POS, 2KP, BFD1, Bronze, 90degR, Maintained, 10K32P007, $80.3, 2POS, 2KP, BFD1, St.Stl., 90degR, Maintained, 10K32P008, $80.3, 2POS, 2KP, EPCO1, Bronze, 90degR, Maintained, 10K42P01, $48.18, 2POS, 2KP, EPCO1, St.Stl., 180degR, Maintained, 20K13P04, $48.18, 2POS, 2KP, EPCO1, St.Stl., 90degR, Maintained, 10K42P02, $36.5, 2POS, 2KP, EPCO2, Bronze, 90degR, Maintained, 10K42P09, $48.18, 2POS, 2KP, EPCO2, St.Stl., 180degR, Maintained, 20K13P03, $48.18, 2POS, 2KP, EPCO2, St.Stl., 90degR, Maintained, 10K42P10, $48.18, 2POS, 2KP, FEO-K1, Bronze, 90degR, Maintained, 10K32P095, $80.30, 2POS, 2KP, FEO-K1, St.Stl., 90degR, Maintained, 10K32P094, $80.30, 2POS, 2KP, Florida7, St.Stl., 45degR, Maintained, 10K75P42, $135.23, 2POS, 2KP, J200, Bronze, 90degR, Maintained, 20K08P01, $37.96, 2POS, 2KP, J200, St.Stl., 90degR, Maintained, 20K08P02, $37.96, 2POS, 2KP, J222, St.Stl., 90degR, Maintained, 10K55P04, $30.66, 2POS, 2KP, MFD1, Bronze, 90degR, Maintained, 10K32P015, $80.30, 2POS, 2KP, MFD1, St.Stl., 90degR, Maintained, 10K32P016, $80.30, 2POS, 2KP, Yale255, Bronze, 45degR, Maintained, 10K32P075, $100.74, 2POS, 2KP, Yale255, St.Stl., 45degR, Maintained, 10K32P076, $100.74, 2POS, 2KP, Yale3502, Bronze, 45degR, Maintained, 10K32P065, $100.74, 2POS, 2KP, Yale3502, St.Stl., 45degR, Maintained, 10K32P066, $100.74