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Singapore Term. Blk.


24 to 120 Multi-Voltage LED Singapore board with Terminal Block.
These LED boards do not accommodate 2-pin, 3-pin, 4-pin connectors.

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Product Description

Singapore Term. Blk.


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Weight 0.05 lbs
Singapore Term. Blk.

SBTB24120A, Termnl Blk Multi-V Amber, $25.55, SBTB24120B, Termnl Blk Multi-V Blue, $25.55, SBTB24120G, Termnl Blk Multi-V Green, $25.55, SBTB24120R, Termnl Blk Multi-V Red, $25.55, SBTB24120W, Termnl Blk Multi-V White, $25.55