Elevator Fixtures

Custom Designs

Encore Series

The Encore series is an angular Art Deco design created by layered metal components.

Distinctive position indicators provide a dramatic finishing touch. Up to 7 floors available as digital or hidden multi-light display; 8 floors or more requires a digital display.


  • Multiple layers of 1/8" thick metal plates.
  • Available in stainless steel or muntz bronze metals.
  • Combinations include stainless steel #4 satin finish w/ #8 mirror border, muntz bronze #4 w/ #8 mirror and lacquered border, or oxidized bronze cover plate with #4 or #8 borders.
  • Include any style of pushbuttons.
  • Matching hall fixture designs are available.


  • Voice annunciator directs traffic flow by announcing floor stops.
  • Message display units in car station and hall stations.