Elevator Fixtures

Custom Designs

Nouveau Series

The Nouveau Series revisits a timeless period design with an approach that is as fresh as it is functional. Choose from two durable materials (stainless steel and Muntz bronze). Lasers for precision and quality appearance cut this pre-engineered design.


  • 1/8" thick metal plates.
  • Available in stainless steel or muntz bronze metals.
  • Combinations include stainless steel #4 satin finish w/ #8 mirror border, muntz bronze #4 w/ #8 mirror and lacquered border, or oxidized bronze cover plate with #4 or #8 borders.
  • Include any style of pushbuttons.
  • Matching hall fixture designs are available.


  • Voice annunciator directs traffic flow by announcing floor stops.
  • Message display units in car station and hall stations.