Elevator Fixtures

Lexan Button Series

EPCO’s traditional elevator fixtures include lexan pushbuttons and lantern lenses that provide the greatest visibility to passengers. You can choose from an assortment of metal finishes, design styles, and LED colors. Our pushbuttons and lenses are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes that are sure to meet your building’s architectural style and installation specifications. Our traditional fixtures are efficient, durable, cost-effective and have long been the elevator industry’s preferred choice for standard designs.

Metal Button Series

EPCO’s premium line of elevator fixtures includes metal button caps with LED lighting options in varying styles and colors. When searching for a designer look while maintaining functionality and durability as part of your specifications, our metal button series is the perfect choice. If high security and vandal proof constraints surround your project needs, our vandal resistant button series is the best selection for an indestructible design. Our metal pushbuttons provide a luxurious and custom look while guaranteeing a strong, long-lasting performance. The Survivor Plus vandal resistant pushbutton series continues to be the industry’s first choice when it comes to satisfying architectural design while enduring the toughest conditions once installed.

Custom Designs

EPCO is the industry leader in custom designed elevator fixtures. We have years of extensive experience in working with architects, interior designers, visual artists, elevator installers, general contractors and building owners. EPCO has the knowledge and manufacturing capability to create one-of-a-kind architectural designs that combine uniqueness with functionality which ultimately quench the thirst of innovative architects as well as satisfy critical building owners and motivated property managers. EPCO’s qualified and skilled design team will make your installation dreams possible by making your creative concepts a workable reality.

Video Displays

EPCO manufactures elevator fixtures that include video display devices sourced from various suppliers in the industry which are determined by your project specifications. Based on customer preference, EPCO can either purchase the video displays directly or include cutouts and mounting provisions only for the video devices.

Swing Front Car Operating Panels

EPCO offers a complete swing front car operating panel in various sizes to match your new elevator cab installation or meet your existing elevator cab dimensions. Our complete swing fronts can be manufactured in various metal finishes including satin, mirrored, non-directional stainless steel and bronze, as well as light, medium, or dark oxidized bronze. Complete cover panels with custom color finishes are also available for production upon request. We offer a wide selection of design styles that include choosing from a variety of pushbutton models, LED colors, handicap braille plates or raised numerals with pin braille, custom engraving and more. The swing front car operating panel design is also available with an integral car riding lantern mounted in the return jamb. Your installation is made easy with our unique design and our finished product will most definitely complement and enhance the look of your new or existing elevator cab interior.

Flush Mount Hall Designs

EPCO manufactures traditional and custom elevator fixtures for flush, wall mounted installations. These applied panels can be made to mount to an existing back box to meet your current conditions or can include a complete box and cover assembly. Our flush mount options include designs for call stations, lanterns, position indicators, combination lanterns and position indicators as well as engraved signs. Applied metal covers come in a variety of finish options and can incorporate various devices. We specialize in custom fixture designs which are created and detailed per your project specifications.

Surface Mount Hall Designs

EPCO was the first company in the United States to develop and produce the revolutionary surface mounted fixture. Our patented series of INCHline™ surface mountable designs provides an attractive yet cost effective approach to upgrading existing elevator equipment to current city/state code specifications and in meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) law requirements. Surface mount elevator fixtures secure directly to the wall, cover existing wall openings and do not require a back box. Standard and custom designs are available and can include different metal finishes, devices, and engraving.

Lobby Panels

EPCO produces lobby panel fixtures that are available in standard or custom features with numerous metal finish options and are designed to meet city and state code specifications as well as individual building needs. These panels feature sturdy construction and may contain a variety of components including LED position indicators, computer monitors, keyed service switches, custom engraving and emergency operation devices. These security & service panel fixtures are manufactured for either wall or console desk installations and may be mounted in multiple locations including lobby areas, fire control rooms, security desk stations or managerial offices.

Residential Fixtures

EPCO has a wide offering of standard residential fixtures to enhance and compliment all types of interior designs. Every private residence deserves special attention to final details and elevator fixtures are the perfect finishing pieces to accent any home décor. We use the same variety of metals and device offerings as are available for our commercial installations so that quality and durability are maintained. For custom products, our design team can propose and manufacture the elevator fixture that any architect or designer envisions for all categories of residential buildings. We can also provide matching elevator emergency phone cabinets and handrails.

Dover Impulse Retro-Fit Products

Our “Impulse Retro-Fit” fixtures are designed to meet existing conditions defined by traditional Dover Impulse products. Available in many of our fixture options, this retro-fit layout offers you the opportunity to provide your clients with a fixture upgrade or modernization package using a cost effective installation process. Our Impulse Retro-Fit fixtures are designed to meet existing box and screw locations and match existing cover plate sizes.