Elevator Fixtures

Swing Front Car Operating Panels

EPCO offers a complete swing front car operating panel in various sizes to match your new elevator cab installation or meet your existing elevator cab dimensions. Our complete swing fronts can be manufactured in various metal finishes including satin, mirrored, non-directional stainless steel and bronze, as well as light, medium, or dark oxidized bronze. Complete cover panels with custom color finishes are also available for production upon request. We offer a wide selection of design styles that include choosing from a variety of pushbutton models, LED colors, handicap braille plates or raised numerals with pin braille, custom engraving and more. The swing front car operating panel design is also available with an integral car riding lantern mounted in the return jamb. Your installation is made easy with our unique design and our finished product will most definitely complement and enhance the look of your new or existing elevator cab interior.