Elevator Fixtures

Metal Button Series

Singapore Series

This versatile and attractive button configuration features our blue shallow base assembly that is perfect for any fixture installation restricted by limited depth. Our complete series includes the SPR-SSPC (stainless steel cap), SPR-SMPC (bronze cap), SPR-SSL (stainless steel cap), SPR-MML (bronze cap) and the SPS-S (square metal insert over lexan cap).


  • 1.125" Diameter (SPR)
  • 1.50” Square (SPS)
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Muntz Bronze
  • Some styles available with projecting button cap


  • 1.375" Diameter
  • 1.50" Square
  • Clear Lexan

Digital Position Indicator

  • 16-segmented Alphanumeric indicators
  • Easy to read LEDs
  • Exceptionally reliable
  • Characters hieght 2.2" in car station, 5/8" & 1.0" high in hall station.

Hall Lanterns

  • EPCO offers a wide range of design styles


  • Voice annunciator directs traffic flow by announcing floor stops.
  • Message display units in car and hall stations.

Additional Information

  • Lantern shown is type H lens; 3” triangle, milk-white molded.
  • All fixtures available in Stainless Steel & 60/40 Muntz bronze.