Elevator Fixtures

Metal Button Series

Survivor-Plus Series

Survivor/Plus® fixtures are the toughest vandal-resistant fixtures in the market.


  • 0.931" diameter with a 0.250" diameter jewel
  • Vandal resistant cap in Stainless Steel or Muntz Bronze
  • Also available with 0.125" projecting metal cap.
  • Also available with 0.75" shallow base for surface mounted fixtures.


  • 1.25" Diameter in Stainless Steel or Muntz Bronze
  • Vandal resistant

Digital Position Indicator

  • 16-segmented Alphanumeric indicators
  • Easy to read LEDs
  • Exceptionally reliable
  • Character height 2.2" in car station, 5/8" & 1.0" high in hall station

Hall Lanterns

  • EPCO offers a wide range of design styles.


  • Voice annunciator direct traffic flow by announcing floor stops.
  • Message display units in car station and Hall stations.

Additional Information

  • Lantern shown is type 7-Jewel lens, milk-white molded jewel series, vandal resistant.
  • All fixtures available in Stainless Steel & 60/40 Muntz bronze.